#InternPro Chat: Old-School Loyalty: Obsolete or Key to a Great Career?

loyaltyToday, more than ever before, a job has become a transitory thing. After all, a volatile economy has changed they way we think about our career and our future. So does that mean old-school loyalty is a thing of the past?

Corporate restructuring, outsourcing, and changes in the way companies do business have made job security obsolete. Add to this the new flexibility of a workforce that continually seeks flexibility and new challenges, and we have to ask ourselves:

“Does old-school loyalty still have a role in the modern career path? Is it an obsolete notion? Or the key to a great career?”

This Monday evening, February 26th, our discussion on #InternPro chat will center on the concept of loyalty and its place in the modern working world. Does the company you work for deserve your loyalty beyond meeting job expectations? Is there such a thing as corporate loyalty to employees? Do they owe you anything beyond a salary? Even if they did, will they be rewarded by a team member that will leave for a new gig every 2.3 years?

It seems the nature of the employee/employer relationship has irrevocably changed. Join as we explore that change and how to navigate this new career model.

These Questions About Loyalty that Will Guide Our Discussion…

Q1: It seems the “company man” where one stays at a company for their career is all but dead. What changed and why?

Q2: Besides staying at a company more than a year (and not stealing post-it notes) what exactly is workplace royalty?

Q3: Your thoughts? “Loyalty a character trait, maybe even a soft skill, that companies look for when hiring?

Q4: Do companies owe employees a certain degree of loyalty? Do employees owe companies the same? Why or why not?

Q5: I’ve had several jobs over the last few years. So how do I prove to a company I would be loyal to them?

Q6: To whatever degree they can in this job market, how can companies foster loyalty in their employees?

Q7: I want to stay loyal to people not companies. Your best advice for managing relationships after I’ve left a job?

Q8: On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest), how loyal would your colleagues and managers rate you? Why?

Join the conversation! Tell us your stories of when you were loyal, and maybe when your company was loyal back (or not). As always, be sure bring along any questions or concerns you might have to help fuel the discussion.

Together, we’ll try to discover the role of old-school loyalty in the future of business.




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