How to Find the Open Position that May Be Your Dream Job

open positionWe talk a lot about what your resume should look like, how to succeed in your interview, or how to turn that initial call into a job offer. If you’re just starting your job search, however, you may need guidance that is even more preliminary. So here, we’ll take a step back to the very beginning. Our goal: to help you learn how to find an open position.

Maybe you have a company in mind that you’d like to work for. Or, perhaps you have a specific industry or field in mind but aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to finding out who’s hiring.

Read on as we discuss how to find out if a company is hiring in the first place.

The Company Website

Sure, it may seem a bit of an old-school approach. But getting the lowdown from your target company’s individual website remains of the most reliable ways to find an open position. Many employers will often solicit job openings on their website. Often, this happens before sending out to third-party sources. This makes frequent and early checking of a company website a must for those looking to get the inside track.

Pay specific attention to any submission requirements. Also, be sure to supply all necessary information to both show off your ability to follow directions. Otherwise, it may be hard avoid your resume being fast-tracked to the “circular filing bin.”

Link Up on LinkedIn

Since its inception, LinkedIn has cemented itself as the premier networking site for professionals and career-minded individuals. With fewer cat meme’s and a larger amount of employment-minded guidance, LinkedIn is an ideal place to get the scoop on any open position that may fit your bill.  Follow the company or companies you’re interested in joining and feel free to “connect” with individuals that share common connections.

To avoid coming off as “stalker-ish” try not to send invites “cold” without any kind of common connections or interests. And don’t forget to check out different industry or discussion groups that allow you to interact with other professionals.

Word of Mouth

Speaking of professionals in your field, networking via word of mouth is still an excellent method for discovering whether the company of your dreams is hiring. Attend in person social hours or educational events to double up on learning opportunities and job sleuthing. Feel free to pass around to your trusted colleagues that you’re interested in a job at X company. You never know when someone may have heard of an open position not listed elsewhere.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More

While social media used to be a way for your grandma to check in on your comings or goings in the inevitable event you forgot to call, the modern world of social media is very different. Today’s biggest companies communicate with customers, suppliers and potential employees via their social media platforms. Whether a “Tweet” regarding new open positions or a post inviting applications, be on the lookout for opportunities via an organization’s public communications channels. If you do happen to score an interview, these sites are also goldmines for insight into company culture, initiatives, history and other tidbits that can help you turn a job opportunity into a job offer.

Newsletters and Publications

On the topic of going straight to the source, digital newsletters, articles and other publications are still alive and kicking and are often viable methods for getting the lowdown on potential job prospects at your favorite company. Subscribe to an employer’s digital mailing list for a daily dose of news delivered straight to your phone or computer. For the more internet savvy among you, setting up an alert using your preferred web browser or search engine is also convenient and useful for being the first to hear about an open position.

Job Boards

We’ve certainly saved the best for last when it comes finding out if your favorite employer is hiring. Sites such as Simply Hired offer the ability to search for all openings from your favorite employer. Also, search tools allow you to narrow offerings to a specific region, job title and more. Set up alerts on a daily or weekly basis to deliver results of your saved search direct to your inbox.

Whatever your preferred method, technological advances and the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently have made discovering whether a company is hiring in your field easier than ever. Remember to remain vigilant and persistent.

Keep an updated resume at the ready to take advantage of opportunities on the fly.


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