Job Search Offensive: 6 Ways to Take Charge of Your Job Hunt

job search offensiveWhat does it mean to go on the job search offensive? Let’s find out…

You’ve applied for dozens if not hundreds of jobs online. You haven’t heard back. Join the club. This is probably one of the biggest frustrations of job seekers.

So what can you do to take the job search offensive?

Here are six solid suggestions to add to your job strategy…

Adapt Your Resume and Cover Letter

Did you take the time to personalize, customize and make your cover letter and resume relevant for each of job posting? Also, can the employer clearly see (without having to think) how your experience relates to the job?

Review the job posting line by line and highlight the wording they’ve used that matches what you’ve done. Then, go back and make sure you’ve used that EXACT wording in your resume.

As for your cover letter, you must show the company you are interested in working for them. Do you know people who like working there? Have you used their product or service? Does the company have a mission that aligns with your values? It’s up to you to explain why you want to work there.

Take Ownership

Stop waiting. Go on the job search offensive. If you are really interested in any of the jobs you applied for, then take the time and effort to follow up with an email or phone call. The only way you’ll know what’s going on with the job opportunity? If you own the end result.

A word of caution, however. Be sure you follow instructions provided by the employer. For example, if the job posting said “No calls please”? Of course, that means you shouldn’t call.

Find an Insider

Talk to everyone you know and find someone who works for that company. When you find someone who works there, ask them if they know about the job, its status, and who they might recommend you speak to. Be super nice to them because you will want them to be an advocate for you or at least an informant.

You might be able to find names of people to contact on the company website, LinkedIn, the company’s blog, or even Twitter.

Timelines Do Slip (So Don’t Give Up)

I read an article that suggested that job seekers give up if they haven’t heard back from an employer. I would caution against this, especially if it is a job/company you are really interested in.

Companies do not purposely keep applicants hanging. After all, there are many valid reasons why you haven’t heard from the company: timeline slips, priorities change or they’ve put the job on hold for some reason. So don’t give up. Find out from your information (company insider) what’s going on!

Be on the Job Search Offensive from the Start…

Sure the employer has what you want…a job. But, what can you do to feel empowered? Take action. At least you can say and know that you did EVERYTHING possible. Waiting isn’t taking action. One email isn’t enough.

… to the End (Which Means a Job Offer is in Hand)

Following up is not optional during job search. It is mandatory! Instead of hoping you’ll hear back, create a follow-up strategy for each opportunity. Your goal? To take interactions with that employer to the next level. Application to job interview, for example. And job interview to job offer. Don’t settle. Don’t wait. Follow up!

Be pleasantly persistent… be confident… and let the job search offensive mindset help you win the battle!


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Career Sherpa.


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