#InternPro Chat: Making the Most Out of Mentorship Opportunities

mentorship opportunitiesAre you taking full advantage of the mentorship opportunities available to you?

“Mentorship” is one of the most common phrases in career development. But what, exactly, does it mean? What is a mentor and how do you find one?

Making the most of mentorship opportunities revolves around finding the right mentor for you and also nurturing that relationship to mutual advantage.

What are you looking for in a mentor? What do you see as your part in the relationship?

Stop by Monday evening, February 12, as we discuss everything you need to know about mentorship and how to get the most out of it. We’ll talk about finding a mentor, working with that mentor, and also becoming a mentor yourself.

How Do You Make the Most out of Mentorship Opportunities?

To answer that question, take a look at the questions we’ll be using to frame our discussion…

Q1: How many people in your life do you consider a mentor? What are the primary benefits of having a mentor?

Q2: When building mentor relationships, what should I expect? Just as important, what should I not expect from a mentor?

Q3: How do I know if someone might be a good mentor for me? What characteristics should I look for in a mentor?

Q4: How do I keep a mentor/mentee relationship strong? How do I know when that relationship has run its course?

Q5: My company has a mentorship program set up, but no one seems like they’re a good fit for me. What should I do?

Q6: My boss has more overall experience but I know more about what I do. How do I suggest I serve as a reverse mentor?

Q7: I’d love to mentor someone. What should my expectations be of them in terms of my mentee’s performance and actions?

Q8: The three characteristics that make me a good mentee OR mentor are _____, _____, and _____.

As always, bring along any questions, concerns, or advice you might have about mentors and mentorship. After all, the right mentor could, and should, make your life, your job, and your career a whole lot easier.

Because finding the right mentor relationship will help you grow… and succeed.



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