Weird Job Interview Questions You Must be Ready to Answer [Infographic]

Are you prepared for that big job interview? You’ve practiced your elevator pitch, researched the company, chosen your outfit and set the alarm. But one thing nags at you. What if they ask you something you didn’t prepare for? What if they ask one of those weird job interview questions you keep hearing about?

Weird Job Interview Questions: More Common Than You Think

Weird interview questions are not all that uncommon, and they’re really not all that weird. Companies often design these questions to throw you off your practiced pitch and force you to respond spontaneously. Recruiters often use them to try to uncover the real you, the you that will come out in everyday situations. It is difficult to really get to know someone in an interview setting because we all practice and prepare so much. The seemingly random question can often help recruiters see beyond that practiced facade.

So, how can you possibly prepare for these questions? The answer is, you can’t. But you can learn to expect them so they won’t throw you off too much. And you can understand the reason they ask them. To help you get an idea of the kind of question that may be coming your way, this infographic from Fundera reveals 10 weird interview questions asked by some of the world’s largest companies. Although you can never really prepare for questions designed to throw you off, these examples may help you see them coming so you can stay calm.

When it comes to interview questions, the best preparation is to expect the unexpected.


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