Getting Started: An Instruction Manual for Your First Job [Infographic]

You’ve graduated from college, done the job search thing, impressed the recruiters, and got the job. Now what? You may be feeling a bit nervous. After all, you’ve never done this before. Wouldn’t it be nice if this first job (and maybe adulting in general) came with an instruction manual?

An Instruction Manual for Your First Job

No matter how well you did in school, you really can’t know what to expect from your first job. Thankfully, this infographic from BudgetDirect provides the instruction manual you need.

From introducing yourself to new co-workers to your first performance review, this infographic tells you what to expect at your first job and also how to deal with it. Along the way, it reveals key secrets to help you perform in your first team meeting, give your first presentation, and even how to ask for help. Our favorite part? The infographic shows how receive all-important feedback and implement the suggestions into your work.

Even though most of us will change jobs several times, your first job remains an important one.

Knowing what to expect can help you launch your career smoothly… and this instruction manual is sure to help.


instruction manual



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