#InternPro Chat: Career Lessons Learned from Not-So-Great Jobs

career lessonsSo, you spend your days doing something you don’t enjoy, or dealing with people you just can’t connected with. But it’s your job. You need the money. At the moment, all you want is a paycheck. Your goal is to move on and find a better job as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’re just wasting time… or are you? Even the worst jobs can teach us valuable career lessons.

Everything we do is a learning experience. How we deal with adversity can teach us as much about ourselves as how we deal with triumph. Even the worst experiences, including crappy jobs, can teach us perseverance, patience, humility, and many in-demand soft skills. In fact, some skills like conflict resolution and self-motivation can only be learned in the crucible of difficult situations.

No matter how good or bad your job is, it’s your responsibility to find a way to grow as a professional.

This Monday evening, #InternPro Chat will be dedicated to making the most of every job: the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ll look for the positive take-aways from bad situations and what we’ve gained from the good ones. Then, we’ll use this knowledge to build stepping stones that will help us reach our future career goals.

We’ll Use These Questions to Guide Our Discussion…

Q1: My very first job was ______. The one thing I learned from that job that I still carry with me today is ______.

Q2: My WORST job ever was ______. The most valuable thing I gained from that experience is ______.

Q3: My BEST job/gig to date has been ______. What made/makes it the best job was/is ______.

Q4: How do we look back at past jobs and find the good in what we did there? What are the keys to objective reflection?

Q5: How do we look at current (perhaps not ideal) jobs and make the most of them? How can we make our work days better?

Q6: Agree? Disagree? Why? “A good boss can make a bad job tolerable. A lousy boss makes even the best job look bad.”

Q7: How do we best set medium-term goals and timelines so this job and the next help you reach your larger career goals?

Q8: Your thoughts? “I’m not miserable, but feel I’ve plateaued at work. I need a change, but need this job, too. Help!”

Join Monday’s chat, and be ready to talk about how even the crappiest jobs can have a positive impact on your career.

Even better… bring a friend!



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