#InternPro Chat: Digital Professionalism: What Recruiters Want to See from Candidates Online

professionalismWhat does professionalism in the Digital Age look like? What do recruiters really want to see from candidates when they search online?

It’s official. It’s not a passing fad. The world has gone digital. Digital communication and social media have changed the way we live, interact, and, yes, also the way we find work.

Gone are the days of newspaper ads and “help wanted” signs in the window. After all, today’s recruiters spend their time sifting through online applications and social media profiles to find the right people for key positions. The internet is no longer just a playground to entertain us. So for the sake of our careers, we must learn to constantly maintain professionalism.

Your online presence can help you find the career you’ve always wanted. Or it could cost you the job of your dreams.

Stop by this Monday evening, January 8th, to join our discussion about professionalism in the digital age. We’ll talk about what we can do to make ourselves more appealing to online recruiters. We’ll also talk about what today’s recruiters are looking for when they peruse our online presence and how we can stand out from the crowd.

These Are Some of the Questions We’ll Be Discussing…

Q1: Your thoughts? “I applied for a job on Facebook. I was rejected for not being professional. WTH? It’s Facebook!”

Q2: How did you get your last job? Have you been recruited online? Perhaps through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?

Q3: How has the Digital Age affected job searching most? What are the biggest differences between today and 5 years ago?

Q4: How do we know what recruiters really look for when checking out candidates online? Is there a set list of criteria?

Q5: What are some of the bigger online errors found by recruiters? What are young professionals doing wrong?

Q6: Do traditional methods (temp agencies, job fairs, etc.) still have a place today? If yes, how do we leverage them?

Q7: What is your go-to advice for job seekers in the Digital Age? How do they get discovered? How do they find good jobs?

Q8: When an employer views my digital presence, I want them to see ______, ______, and ______.

In a digital world, professionalism is more important than ever. Your digital brand has become the key to your future success.



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