2018 Resume Tips to Start the New Year Right [Infographic]

The times, they are a changin’… and your resume has to as well. The new year is fast approaching, so now is a good time to dust off your career marketing materials and start anew. As the calendar pages turn, so do the hot topics in recruitment. To stand out, you need a fresh, updated resume that addresses those things recruiters will be looking for in the coming year. So wouldn’t it be nice to have a few 2018 resume tips to help get you started?

Of course it would!

2018 Resume Tips

Thankfully, GreatResumesFast put together this terrific infographic of 2018 resume tips. As you’ll see, it encourages you to write your story and prove yourself using modern design, stunning visuals, and gripping graphics. It also advises not to stray too far from the tried and true. Take a look at this great advice, then set out to achieve your 2018 career goals with confidence.

Your old resume might be good. But for 2018, and surrounded by changing times and expectations, make it even better!


2018 resume tips



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