Creativity: 10 Ways to Exhibit Today’s Most Important Leadership Quality [Infographic]

To stand out in today’s rapidly changing business world, you must know how to innovate and impress at work. You need to bring ideas to the table that solve problems and overcome challenges. That’s why, according to a study by IBM, almost 60% of CEOs cited creativity as the most important leadership quality to look for in new employees.

An Essential Leadership Quality

Leadership skills certinly rank among the most sought-after qualities in new candidates. But perhaps more important than the ability to lead, is the ability to lead creatively. Everyone is looking for different ways to make their company more efficient, more innovative, and more profitable. So you need to be effective and creative in your thinking at work. Meaningful creativity and innovation will truly set you apart as an employee and team leader. That is, as long as your creativity is solution focused.

This infographic from Cathrine’s Career Corner runs down ten innovative ways to impress your employer with your creative leadership skills. From identifying potential problems or bottlenecks to taking notes and acceptable risks, it’s in here. Good to know, right? After all, being creative or innovative within your team or organization can make the path to success that much faster.

How do you exhibit the most important leadership quality? Be creative!


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