The Art of Persuasion: How to Win a Salary Increase [Infographic]

You’ve been working hard to hit your targets. You’ve shown you can handle additional responsibilities. Performance reviews are solid. So it seems like a salary increase is well within reach, right?

In the business world, though, this is easier said than done. So the art of persuasion becomes a big factor in getting the raise you deserve.

Your Best Chance at a Salary Increase

In this infographic from SavingSpot and CashNetUSA, you’ll that before you meet with your manager about a pay raise, you want to give yourself the best chance for success. And what fuels that success? Learning some proven persuasion techniques.

The reciprocity principle, for example, suggests that we feel obliged to return the favor when someone helps us out. So help ease your boss’s workload when they look stressed. You’ll not only demonstrate your value, but also earn a favor to call in.

Persuasion research also reveals that we like people who are similar to us, and simply mirroring someone’s body language makes them feel more comfortable and open to our suggestions. Data also matters, so as the infographic shows, come prepared with compelling stats that reinforce your value to the company Just as important, use forward-thinking language to get your manager thinking about your role in the company’s future.

The best advice in this infographic, though? Ask for the raise!

All they can say is no, right? Or maybe not yet? Either way, your employer now knows where you stand… and what you feel you’re worth in a competitive job market.


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