Power Breaks: The Secret to Increased Productivity [Infographic]

Everyone needs a break now and then. After all, no one can work straight through the day without becoming tired and unfocused. Eventually, you’ll just burn out. So maybe it’s time to learn about power breaks?

What is a power break? Well, it is not of those 15 minutes breaks you take twice a day to have a cup of coffee and chat about last nights reality TV events. Instead, power breaks are the real secret to staying energized and increased productivity.

Productivity and Power Breaks

This infographic from QuidCorner can help you plan your power breaks and maximize your productivity. Here, you can look at 16 ways to use your breaks to energize your body, focus your mind, and do better work.

As you’ll see, how you find work/break balance is up to you. Some people work better if they take a five-minute power break every half hour. Others prefer to work in 90-minute bursts followed by a longer break. No matter what schedule works best for you, you’ll learn that it’s just as important to know what to do on your break to keep yourself energized. . Smart… because in the end, productivity is about the quality of the work you do, not killing yourself to work all the time.

You don’t have to work harder to work better. Incorporate power breaks into your workday… and take full advantage of every moment of the day.


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