#InternPro Chat: How to Maintain Motivation in a Humdrum Career

maintain motivationAs a young up-and-comer, you want a career that moves at the same fast pace that you do. You want to climb the ladder, make a difference, and change the world. But unfortunately, careers don’t always work that way. Sometimes a career flatlines through no fault of your own. Then it becomes hard to maintain motivation. The job becomes boring, the daily grind becomes monotonous, and you start to feel like you just don’t have a purpose.

So, how do you maintain motivation when your career is on life support?

We all want to land the perfect job right out of college. But statistics suggest you’ll have a number of different jobs in your lifetime. Each one starts with the hope that this is the one… the job that turns into a satisfying, productive career. But when you start to lose your inspiration, it can be hard to decide if there’s a chance to turn things around, or if it’s time to move on.

If you’ve ever experienced one of these moments… or if you think you might in the future (and chances are you will), then stop by our chat this Monday evening, November 27th, as we ponder what you can do to maintain motivation when your career takes a turn toward the humdrum.

Here are Few of the Questions We’ll be Discussing…

Q1: Have you ever felt burned out on the job? Less than motivated? How did you work through that to regain inspiration?

Q2: Your thoughts? “Motivation is my sole responsibility. I can’t count on others to keep me focused and engaged.”

Q3: What are some of the causes of burnout? What red flags should we watch for before we start to feel disengaged?

Q4: I’ve been searching for a job for 6 months and keep getting rejected. I’m feeling defeated. How do I stay motivated?

Q5: I enjoy my work. I like my co-workers. But my boss is a jerk. How do I stay “up” while dealing with him daily?

Q6: The culture at my company is growing toxic. How do I stay positive and motivated enough to help find a solution?

Q7: I try to do my best work. But this job isn’t helping me reach my career goals. How do I build an exit strategy?

Q8: Please share your very best tips for staying motivated and engaged at work. What consistently works well for you?

No one wants to end up stuck in a dead-end job. After all, the whole point of life is to keep moving forward. Monday evening we’ll be talking about how to keep your career on track. Be sure to stop by with you own questions, stories, and solutions.

Even if you don’t find yourself in your dream job, you can still find a way to make your dreams come true.



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