Networking Ideas to Help Get You Up and Running

networking ideasAre you ready, willing, and able to start networking more? Is so, here are some group, one-on-one, online, and personal networking ideas you can start with.

No matter how you choose to begin your networking adventure, however, you have to have a plan!

And remember, you want to build a network BEFORE you need it. It’s never too soon to start.

Networking Ideas in A Group Format

Attending events with lots of people can feel intimidating, especially if you are an introvert. But, these group meetings can be helpful when used strategically. I recommend finding someone to go with you or plan to meet someone you know there to eliminate some of your anxiety.

  • Job seeker networking groups
  • Chamber of Commerce meetings
  • MeetUps
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Professional association events
  • Board membership
  • Fundraising events
  • Enroll in training or classes
  • Affinity groups
  • Veteran
  • One-On-One Networking Ideas

Networking 1-on-1

Networking with one person at a time can feel less intimidating, but make sure you are prepared for your meeting.

  • Schedule a follow-up meeting with people you’ve recently met
  • Reconnect with past colleagues
  • Find a mentor
  • Also, consider building an advisory board o a

Online Networking Ideas

Search for alumni is also a highly effective form of networking. Consider using LinkedIn’s alumni tool and also your school’s alumni database. Other ideas include:

  • Relevant groups on LinkedIn
  • Relevant groups on Facebook
  • User groups
  • Twitter Chats
  • Virtual networking events
  • Online classes

Blend Personal With Professional

Finally, share your goals with the people you know best. After all, they know you best!

  • Family reunions or get-togethers
  • Friend get-away
  • Attend sporting events
  • Participate in sports or activities
  • Volunteering
  • Host a holiday celebration

There are thousands more ideas, I’m sure. I hope these get you started!


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