How to Find Your Next Job with a Facebook Job Search

facebook jobIf you’re looking for a little cash on the side, or need a job period, consider using a Facebook job search to help you find a new gig.

A recent study from the social media platform found that 1 in 4 people on Facebook (age 18-54, US) are looking for a job. In addition, 30 percent of small to medium businesses in the U.S. have hired additional employees because of Facebook. And now that we are going into the holiday rush, more employment opportunities will be popping up.

So how do you use a Facebook job search to get yourself a job?

Here’s the lowdown…

Polish Your Platform

Be careful of what you are sharing on your profile. Fill the “about” section of your profile as thoroughly as possible, specifically your school and work experiences. Be sure to include relevant seasonal labor skills to the professional skills section. Also, highlight other cool facts like languages you speak or other interesting things that make you, you.

Use the “View As” function to ensure your profile looks the way you want it to for prospective employers. Boost your visibility by sharing articles relevant to the industry the job you want.


Select the “More” tab in your Facebook app or on Click “Jobs” in the “Explore” section. Search for specific seasonal jobs or select your location, what industry, and job type to narrow down results. Click the “Apply Now” button to submit an application.

Your application will auto-populate job history and other info you’ve shared publicly on your Facebook profile.  So, it’s easy to apply to multiple jobs without starting from scratch on each application.

You can edit all the info you share before you submit.

Track Your Candidacy

Once you have submitted your application, a Messenger thread will open between you and the business’ Facebook page. This provides direct contact with the potential employer, and easily confirms when they’ve received your info.

Once you have applied, the application will auto-populate job history and other existing information available in your Facebook profile. This can be edited prior to submission, making it easy to apply to multiple jobs without starting from scratch on each application.

Use Your Network

Want to gain more industry knowledge to aid in your Facebook job search? Start following people and friends in the field you are interested in.

Also, follow the pages of companies you would like to work for. This will keep you up to speed on any new openings.

Facebook can be a great place to find work. So start putting what is perhaps your favorite network to work, for you!


For this post, we’d like to thank our friends at Levo.





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