Your Smart Phone: Perhaps Your Biggest Productivity Problem

productivity problemEveryone has a routine at work that helps keep them focused and moving forward throughout the day. Maybe you work a few hours, have a snack in the breakroom, work a little bit more and then get to eat lunch outside. You can push through those documents you dread because you know exactly when you’ll get to do something you look forward to. Productivity problem, solved.

Except, not really. While you’re going through your daily routine, you may have your phone next to you, constantly chirping when you get notifications and providing easy access to quick 10-minute distractions. Sure, you could punch a few more numbers into that spreadsheet, but you’ve worked for a full hour — so browsing through Facebook really fast couldn’t hurt anything, could it?

Phones are, perhaps, the biggest productivity problem at work. The battle between your brain and your phone is a constant one, and a hard one to win. It’s not like you can just leave it at home. You make calls on it and need it in case of an emergency. It’s not easy to ignore when it’s right next to you all day either.

To help you put the phone down and solve that productivity problem, read up on some reasons why defeating your phone addiction will help you be more productive at work and feel better about yourself overall.

It’s worth trying, even if it takes a few days to break the habit of swiping that screen on while you’re clocked in.

You’ll Sleep Better

When you’re going to bed at the end of the day, the last thing you probably do is plug in your phone. You might even use it for a while before finally turning it off and hitting the hay. While that might help you relax, having a bright screen that close to your eyes can cause you to have a harder time falling asleep. The light causes your body to not produce the melatonin you need to fall asleep, which will keep you tossing and turning.

Putting your phone down at work will help you put it down at night. You’ll find yourself sleeping better and waking up more refreshed, which will make you feel more focused when you sit down and start to work.

Goodbye, Notifications

Hearing the familiar ding of a notification is all you need to reason with yourself that you should check your phone because it might be for something important. It could be that email you’re waiting on or a big news alert. If you put your phone on silent until it’s time to look at it again — like at lunch or after you get off — you won’t feel pressured to check it because there won’t be any notification sounds going off.

Emails Will Wait

You might have your email open at work. But chances are good you have multiple email accounts you keep up with. You probably have at least one for work and one that’s personal. Even if the personal email you get a notification for is junk mail, you’ll want to open that app and delete it. Is it really that important? Probably not. Just by turning off notifications for your emails, you’ll avoid a big productivity problem you face every day.

You’ll Actually Remember Things

Since they’re always in their pockets and aren’t as easy to lose as a sticky note, many of us make to-do lists on our phones. However, being on your phone all the time could cause you to hurt your memory without meaning to. It’s been proven that just by having information constantly accessible, we damage our memory on a daily basis. So put that phone down. Then answer your next question by looking it up on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

You’ll Remove the Idea of Distractions

Not that your phone is the only productivity problem you face during work. But since it may be the main source, turning it off will help you keep your focus. Since studies have shown that just by having your phone within sight you’re more likely to be distracted. So it’s probably best to put it away.

Maybe you’ve noticed yourself struggling to stay focused at work lately? It’s probably got a lot to do with having your cellphone at your desk. Do you frequently check your email on your mobile device? Or find yourself scrolling through apps you didn’t even realize you’d opened?

It’s probably time for you to look into how you can unplug yourself from your phone.

By putting your phone on silent or keeping it out of sight altogether, you just might increase your productivity. Without the constant distractions a phone can provide, you’ll get more work accomplished while you’re at your desk. You could also help your own mental health and get a little better at socialization while you’re at it.

If you think that turning off your phone could help solve you productivity problem, give it a shot. There will always be time later to check out your favorite apps and connect with your friends.

While you’re on the clock, focus on giving your best work. That way, you can be at the top of your game all day long.


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