How to Sell a Flexible Schedule to Your Old-Fashioned Boss

A trend toward greater flexibility has become a key in element in the modern workforce. Flexible scheduling and remote work opportunities have made it one of the more sought-after perks for young professionals. But many managers, and entire companies have yet to embrace flexibility. They remain rigid in their dedication to a traditional 9 to 5 office job. You like your boss and your current job, but you want that perk too. So, what can you do to sell a flexible schedule to your old-fashioned boss?

How to Sell a Flexible Schedule

For many managers, the bottom line is the bottom line. If you are improving production and profits, you stand a decent chance of changing the mind of your boss. But where do you go to learn how a flexible schedule can work not just for you, but for your manager and employer?

For a list of the benefits companies have experienced by implementing flexible scheduling, check out this infographic from Office Principles. As you’ll see, they run down the research into how a flexible workforce benefits companies, managers, and employees alike. Most important, it takes a look at how a flexible work schedule increases productivity and, ultimately, increases profits.

Think your boss will still equate flexibility with goof-off time? Check out the studies that show flexible work makes employees happier. Happy employees work harder and get more done. In fact, most employees actually work longer hours when given the chance to set their own schedule. Your boss will get it!

The business world, and old-school bosses, often fear change. But don’t worry. Now, you’re ready to put up a good business case for a more flexible schedule.


how to sell a flexible schedule

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