To Follow Your Dreams, Know Your Career Type [Infographic]

Everyone thinks and feels differently. We each possess our own set of skills and aptitudes. In other words, we all have things we’re good at. If you’re not harnessing those things in your career, how can you reach your full potential? The first step, therefore, in any career search, is to determine the career type best suited to your strengths and the unique you.

Finding Your Career Type

Finding out your career type shouldn’t be a chore. So here’s a handy flowchart from to help you understand your career type.

As you’ll see, the infographic asks you to think about the kind of person you are and what you like to do most. Are you a helper or persuader? Maybe you’re a builder, creator, organizer or thinker. Whatever type you might be personally, this simple process walks you through some possible career scenarios.

Finding a career path that matches your strengths can make your dreams come true and your life meaningful.

So be who you are… then sell yourself to the world!


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