#InternPro Chat: As the World of Work Turns: Is it Time for Millennial Leadership?

millennial leadershipMillennial leadership is coming. How will know when it’s your turn to lead?

To paraphrase William Shakespeare:

“To lead or not to lead, that is the question.”

As you’re just getting started in the workforce, your passion and drive can make you a natural leader. But you haven’t yet established yourself. No one really knows you.

So, how do you know when it’s time to step up and take the lead?

Taking on a leadership role changes the dynamic of your working relationships. It requires a certain level of respect. Older, more established co-workers may resent your leadership. You may alsp feel that your skills have not yet developed enough to merit leadership. So, how can you prepare for the opportunity when it arises?

Join our discussion this Monday evening at 8:00 PM EST as we explore the possibilities of millennial leadership in the modern workplace. We’ll discuss when to lead, how to prepare, and how to succeed.

The Following Questions Will Direct Our Discussion…

Q1: Tell us about a leader you admire. What do/did you learn from them? What traits do/did you admire most?

Q2: Your thoughts? “I am a young leader with high potential. But young leaders aren’t respected in the workplace.”

Q3: I know I can handle more leadership responsibility at work. How do I prove to my boss I’m ready?

Q4: I’m in a new leadership role, but I’m doubting myself. How do I handle imposter syndrome? How do I know I’m ready?

Q5:  I’m leading people older than me. How do I handle the age difference while still being respecting their experience?

Q6: How do I know if I’m an effective leader? How do I ask for objective input? How do I put that input to good use?

Q7: My company culture is not great. As a leader, I can change that. How do I lead and not become part of the problem?

Q8: The three reasons my peers will enjoy working with me as a leader are _____, _____ and _____.

As a millennial, the future of leadership is in your hands. And you must be ready. After all, the future is now.



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