Meaningful Conversations: Social Interactions that Matter [Infographic]

When we think about networking, we often think about social media or those staged networking events that can be so uncomfortable. But a large part of networking really comes down to having meaningful conversations, one person at a time.

And when you think about it: We talk to people all the time. We talk to friends, family, acquaintances, and even total strangers. There is, however, a difference between small-talk and conversations that matter; that make a difference.

Meaningful Conversations Can Help Your Career

Every conversation you have has the potential to become a professional networking opportunity. You never know when the person you’re speaking to might have a connection, an idea, or some knowledge that could further your prospects. So, you need to make those conversations meaningful. After all, you’ll never find out by discussing the weather.

This infographic from Onward is all about the meaningful conversations that go beyond small-talk to the exchange of real and relevant information. It shows you what you can do to be a better listener and a better participant in a two-way dialogue. Actively engage in meaningful conversations, and you just might be surprised how often they become valuable connections.

Talk is cheap; meaningful talk is priceless.


meaningful conversations



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