#InternPro Chat | Our Divisive Times: Dealing with Workplace Chaos and Conflict

divisive timesIn our divisive times, it seems like whenever you turn on the television or go online someone is asking you to take sides.

Never before has our society felt so divided against itself. From politics to social consciousness, an “us vs. them” atmosphere seems to have developed. And sometimes the most dangerous place to stand is in the middle. In addition, people have become so easily offended that navigating even the simplest discussion feels like tip-toeing through a minefield.

To make matters worse, one conversational mistake can have grave consequences for your career.

So how do you draw the line between inoffensive neutrality and your own values and personal beliefs? How do you let people know what you stand for, without contributing to the conflict and chaos? And how do you avoid company cultures where unproductive confrontation is the norm?

Join us this Monday evening at 8:00 PM ET for an open and frank discussion of this very important topic. Instead of celebrating our divisions, we’ll come together and try to find a way to bring constructive conversation and civility to our working lives.

Some of the Serious Questions We’ll Consider Include…

Q1: Agree or disagree? Why? “The conflict we see in the news and online can have a significant impact in the workplace.”

Q2: Someone at work constantly talks about politics, a real problem in my office. How do I best handle this situation?

Q3: A coworker and I constantly butt heads. How do I diplomatically handle the situation without including the boss?

Q4: How do I know, during the job interview phase, that a company may have a culture of chaos and conflict?

Q5: I’ve discovered that I work in one those “frat brah” cultures where sexual harassment may be tolerated. What do I do?

Q6: Your thoughts? “I work among snowflakes and political correctness. We should be able to have a tough conversation!”

Q6: I want to rise above the divisiveness. I want to be positive, and a good role model and mentor. How do I do that?

Q8: Give us your best advice: How does a person stay optimistic, productive and creative during our divisive times?

No matter how deep our differences, and how wide the divide between us, finding common ground begins with discussion. We’ll start that process here at InternPro this Monday…

And hope that, someday soon, the rest of the world will do the same.



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