#InternPro Chat: Turn Your Job Search Fears into Treats (Not Tricks)

job search fearsWhat are your worst job search fears?

The weather turns colder. The nights grow longer. And soon, out of the darkness, tiny hobgoblins and vampires will arise to roam our neighborhoods. Going from house to house, ringing doorbells, they search for the succulent morsels that sustain them.

Don’t worry… It’s not an undead apocalypse. It’s just the yearly ritual of Halloween.

You may have forgotten because as an adult, you left trick-or-treating behind long ago… or did you? Do your job search fears bring back memories of chilly October nights when you were a child? Dressing up, ringing doorbells, and hoping for the ultimate treat? Not to mention the fact that a job search can be pretty scary.

Submitting your resume can feel like feeding your life to the insatiable ATS monster. At your interview, you can’t help but imagine being examined by some demonic tribunal. And the wait… the wait makes you feel like an insubstantial ghost.

But there are ways to turn your job search fears to your advantage as the witching hour approaches.

So, join us this Monday evening, October 30th, 2017, for a ghoulishly good discussion of job search fears and how to turn job search tricks into employment treats. We’ll terrorize Twitter with frightening job search stories then discuss ways to face the specter of joblessness.

Here Are the Devilishly Prepared Questions We’ll Be Contemplating…

Q1: In your career to date, what has been the scariest moment so far? How did you overcome the fear or the challenge?

Q2: During a job search, how can I involve my personal network without coming across as creepy or needy?

Q3: To employers, my online presence is frightful. I say it’s the real me. Must I wear a social media mask to find work?

Q4: Despite sending my resume many times, I’m not getting job interviews. How do I dress it up to wow hiring managers?

Q5: A long period of unemployment terrifies me. How does a person best avoid that grave fate?

Q6: It seems some employers just suck the life out of you. How can I create a sense of urgency with hiring managers?

Q7: I’m stuck in the shadows. No one seems to know I exist. How do I knock on doors that aren’t open to me yet?

Q8: Before going off into the night: What job search advice can you hand out that results in treats, not tricks?

Arise ye job seekers, and howl at the moon!

…or just stop by and join the discussion.

Either way, be sure to bring your own job search fears, questions, and advice to add to the festivities. And, perhaps, when the new year rolls around and all of your friends are talking about their great new jobs, you won’t be stuck holding a brown, paper bag and saying…

“I got a rock.”



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