An Illustrated Guide to 10 All Too Common Office Cliches [Infographic]

Every group of people, every circle of acquaintances, has a language all its own. A language made up of inside jokes, private metaphors, and obscure references. And just like traveling abroad, it can be hard to feel like you fit in if you don’t speak the language. This feeling is particularly disconcerting at new job. You want to fit and show that you’re part of the team. The difficulty lies in understanding the office cliches that make up the local language of work.

Common Office Cliches

Thankfully, with this infographic from Headway Capital, you don’t need a translator to decipher what everyone is saying. Here, they illustrate some of the more common office cliches in way that makes them easy to understand. After a quick read, perhaps you’ll even start using some of them as part of your daily workplace lexicon?

After all, whether you’re reaching for low hanging fruit or playing hardball, it’s important to have your ducks in a row and always be in the loop while you’re peeling back the layers of the onion.


office cliches



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