#InternPro Chat: The Art of the Side Gig: Pursuing Your Passion While Employed

side gigMaybe you’re thinking of creating a freelance business. Maybe you’ve already mastered the art of the side gig. Either way, you don’t want to miss the next #InternPro chat…

You’ve secured a good full-time job. You enjoy working in the field you chose in college. You also enjoy your colleagues, and you appreciate the opportunity.

But something is missing. Your passion lies somewhere else. You may love baking, surfing, or writing poetry, but that’s not a career. Is it? Whether your passion is just a hobby or a dream deferred, you don’t have to ignore it to be successful. After all, you don’t work 24 hours a day. You could always pursue a side gig.

In fact, you can easily turn your passion into a side gig while you remain employed.

Come join us this Monday evening at 8:00pm ET for an open discussion on mastering the art of the side gig. We’ll talk about the things we enjoy in off-hours that might be a source of income, as well as personal fulfillment. We’ll also talk about how to make it happen.

Here are the Questions We’ll Be Discussing…

Q1: Agree or disagree? Why? “In today’s economy, nearly everyone should consider developing a side hustle.”

Q2: Other than generating income, what are the benefits of running a side gig? How will it help my career?

Q3: What are some of the mistakes newbies make when creating a side gig? What are the most common barriers to success?

Q4: I’m an engineer. My side gig is whitewater rafting tours. Will the two very different paths hurt my personal brand?

Q5: I struggle to find a balance between work, my side hustle and life. How can I do all three and not feel overwhelmed?

Q6: I’m ready to make my side gig a full-time thing. How do I do it without burning bridges in my current career?

Q7: Where do I go to find available freelance work? Job boards? Community sites? What resources are available?

Q8: For all those considering a side hustle, what is your best piece of advice? What should they know right now?

So, stop by and let’s talk about cupcakes, surfboards, and poetry. Also, be ready to tell us what makes you happy from 5 to 9.

After all, a side gig is just a passion that works just as hard for you as you for it!



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