Lighten the Mood With a Little Workplace Haiku [Infographic]

A workplace Haiku,

A Poem, three little lines,

Can be refreshing.


In the world today,

Work consumes our better selves;

Art reveals the truth.


The poet inside,

Longs to be set free and thrive.

A Haiku is born.


From the mundane job,

The worn out spirt is refreshed,

In humorous song.


Workplace Haiku

Sometimes your job just wears you down. You may love what you do, but the day-to-day grind takes its toll. You need to find a way to lighten the load. This infographic from CashNetUSA takes a light-hearted look at some of the more stressful workplace situations by converting them to Haiku.

Haiku, of course, is that short, Japanese form of poetry we all learned about in grade school. The point here is not to demean the art form or to take your job too lightly. But to help you look at those stressful moments in a different light, spark your creativity, and refresh your outlook.

Poetry is life…  and your job is a big part of yours.


workplace haiku



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