The Easy Side Hustle: How to Increase Income with Little or No Investment

easy side hustleAn easy side hustle is one way to increase the amount of money you bring in each month. This may be one reason over 44 million people say they have a side hustle, according to Bankrate’s recent study.

Bankrate found that 28% of millennials, ages 18-26, were most likely to hold side jobs. Every week, 61% of younger millennials say they earn extra money on the side, and 96% of them say they do work a side hustle at least monthly. These side hustlers make an average of $200 a month and while you won’t be able to quit your day job, the extra cash can come in handy.

But there’s another reason to line up a side hustle.

Common wisdom and financial gurus recommend you have between three and six month’s worth of expenses in your savings account to help survive an emergency like a layoff or downsizing. But few Millenials are able to accumulate that type of savings on an entry level salary. Diligently depositing income from a side hustle into savings is one way to build up your savings. Unfortunately, Bankrate found that less than half the side hustlers saved the money earned.

There is another benefit to an easy side hustle. If needed, it can easily be converted into a full-time career. This offers a form of insurance or at least reduces the anxiety about losing a job and not having enough money to survive.

If you’re looking for ideas for a side hustle that require little to no investment, below are some opportunities to turn your passion into income…

Start With What You Know and Like

Are you wondering where to start looking an easy side hustle? Tt’s best to start with what you know how to do and also what you enjoy doing. After all, this will make it easier for you to dedicate some of your free time. To get more ideas on the types of freelance jobs people are hiring for, investigate freelance jobs listed on

Freelance Writing

If you have strong writing skills, look for freelance writing opportunities. Search for freelance writing or content writing job sites. Some job listing sites may require a small monthly fee to join, but be on the lookout for scams that ask you to pay money for training or ask for you to write without a contract. You can even talk to friends and family members who run small businesses and see if they need help writing newsletters or blog posts.

Graphic Design

There are lots of opportunities to use your graphic design skills. You can apply to offer your services using LinkedIn’s ProFinder, a professional services marketplace. It will help potential clients make a decision if they can see your work so it’s a good idea to create an online portfolio with samples. From designing logos to creating company brochures, you’ll find many types of freelance graphic design jobs on sites dedicated to creative services like or

Take Advantage of the Sharing Economy

So wouldn’t it be great to make money by renting something you already have? Do you have a car that’s costing a bundle just sitting in a garage? Or what about that bike that’s taking up space in your hallway? Rent them through sites that can make the match and collect money.

If you enjoy meeting new people and want to use your car to make money, check out becoming a driver for Lyft and also Uber. In addition, if you travel a lot for work or are planning a vacation, you can list your apartment on Airbnb to bring in extra money. As many have already learned, the sharing economy has made it pretty simple to rent items you don’t regularly need or use.

Sell Your Stuff

If you have unused items, why not sell them on Craigslist? It’s a relatively easy way to kill a couple of birds with one stone. You’ll clear your clutter and make some cash. Another way to make money is to sell your wonderful photographs, unusual crafts or other handmade items. You can participate as a vendor at local festivals, farmer’s markets or use an Etsy site to sell your goods.

Offer a Service Everyone Needs

Dogs need walking. Kids need watching. Busy families need meals prepared. There’s no shortage of opportunities to provide a service people need. So begin spreading the word and also create a Facebook business page friends can easily share to help you promote your offering. Soon, that extra income will add up.

Sell Your Knowledge

If you speak more than one language or are a math whiz, why not tutor others? You can tutor any one, anytime using Skype. Promote your services at schools and colleges to reach students who probably need extra help. Chances are this is an easy side hustle to make money; after all, you’ve already mastered these skills.

The Takeaway

An easy side hustle isn’t just a way to earn extra spending money. It’s an opportunity to build your savings and have income insurance in case of an unexpected job loss. Take advantage of the numerous opportunities to pad your savings or pay off your student debt.

Take advantage of the numerous opportunities to pad your savings or pay off your student debt.


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