A Guide to Building Your Online Personal Brand [Infographic]

In the midst of the social media explosion, your online personal brand has become integral to your career success. And building that brand has become a key element in any successful career strategy. So when showing the world who you are and what you can do, let employers know that your resume doesn’t tell the whole story.

After all, you’re more than just a few lines on a fancy piece of paper. You have an established brand.

Building an Online Personal Brand

The online world can be tricky. It’s often difficult to navigate the pitfalls and problems of your social media presence. Like anything worthwhile, building an online brand takes planning and careful execution. But where do you begin?

This infographic from Headway Capital show you how to get started. Here, you’ll see all the tools necessary to navigate the online landscape and build your personal brand. It will take you step by step through the process of becoming a visible, and viable, presence in the social world. Once you establish your online presence, the infographic also reminds you to remain active – to share, to communicate, and consistently make new connections.

The sooner you build your online personal brand, the sooner you can begin to make it work for you.


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