Social Network Posts and The Risks to Your Online Reputation [Infographic]

In the Social Age, what you choose to post publicly on social networks becomes your online brand. No matter how much you might you want to take something back, it seems everything remains out there in perpetuity. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t be yourself in social network posts.

You just have to carefully choose what to mark as public… and what to keep private.

The Risks of Public Social Network Posts

By now, everyone knows that embarrassing pictures and controversial opinions don’t belong in public social network posts. After all, companies screen candidates’ social media profiles all the time. So you have to find the right balance between telling your authentic story and ruining your chances at a dream job. But sometimes, employers aren’t your biggest worry. Other, less savory, people could be screening your profile as well.

It may seem completely innocuous to discuss your favorite TV shows, movies, foods, and activities on social media. However, as this infographic from Trend Micro shows, even those simple tweets, posts and comments could give hackers, identity thieves (and even unethical advertisers) insights into your personality. Insights that could aid them in stealing passwords or targeting you for scams. Just as important, the infographic helps us understand social network security and the judicious use of privacy settings.

Your privacy is your right, especially when building a solid online reputation and career.

The fact is, though: when posting online your professional online presence isn’t the only thing at stake.

(Yes, the font size is pretty small in this infographic… but the information provided is well worth the need to squint!)


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