#InternPro Chat: How to Climb the Career Mountain (And Never Come Down)

career mountainEveryone wants to achieve success. Whatever career path we choose, we strive to reach the top of the career mountain.

When you start a new job, you typically find yourself in the foothills looking up at a peak shrouded in clouds. But from the very beginning, you search for ways to climb. With a little hard work, persistence, and dedication you will eventually reach the summit. But getting to the top is only the beginning? Then, you have to find a way to stay there.

The goal of any career plan is to reach the top of the career mountain and never come down.

To help make the climb a little easier, the #InternPro community will be getting together this Monday evening, October 9th, at 9:00pm ET to discuss conquering the career mountain (and how to remain on the summit once there).

Here Are Some of the Questions We’ll Ask Along the Way…

Q1: What traits do those who successfully climb the career ladder have in common? Which do you admire most?

Q2: How do I set realistic career goals? Perhaps just as important: How do I know what is “realistic”?

Q3: How do I overcome my fear of failure, or being afraid of making a big mistake at work? How do I gain confidence?

Q4: I can see myself in my new job for a while. How do I benchmark my skills to make sure I  always kick ass?

Q5: I’ve been offered a promotion, but it doesn’t seem to align with my career goals. Is it okay to say no? If yes, how?

Q6: I work hard but I never seem any closer to my career goals. How do I determine why I’m not being successful?

Q7: While building my online personal brand, how do I best showcase my trajectory, new skills, knowledge and experience?

Q8: Cliche-free zone! What’s your best piece advice for those looking to climb the career ladder that is NOT a cliche?

Climbing the career path isn’t exactly like tackling the north face of Everest. But now that you’ve started a new gig, it’s time to set up a base camp.

Join the conversation, and start to plan your climb to career success. As always, bring any questions and advice you may want to share as we huddle around the campfire.

See you on Twitter tonight, Monday the 9th, at 9pm ET for #InternPro chat!



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