How to Get LinkedIn Profile Views from the Right People

linkedin profile viewsDuring one-on-one LinkedIn consultations and also the Q&A time at my presentations, people are consistently interested in learning how they can get LinkedIn profile views from the right people.

First, it’s important to identify what the “right” people would look like—in other words, determine who you actually want to meet.

Once you’ve done that, sometimes those people just need a little nudge. They seem to think: “If you look at me, I’ll look at you.”

So begin by using any of the LinkedIn people searching tools to search for the right people. The two I think shine above the rest are Advanced People Searching and University Pages/Alumni.


Begin your search by entering the keywords you think the “right” people would include in their profile. Then browse through the profiles shown in the search results. When you see someone who looks interesting, click on the person’s name to view their profile. That simple step alone may encourage some of these people to look at your profile.

Once on the profile, there are a number of steps you can take. Some of these steps may not feel right to you at this point, but, trust me, they all increase the chances that this person will look at your profile.

Review the person’s Articles & Activity by clicking either See more articles or See all activity. “Like,” share or comment on any of the articles or updates you think people in your network would find helpful.

Sharing and Commenting

When sharing or commenting on someone’s article or activity, consider using the @mention feature. Type “@” followed by the person’s name. For example, if I’m commenting on Ryan Bilello’s post, I’d type something like Great video @ryanbilello. When Ryan’s name shows up in the drop-down choices, I’d click that entry.

This triggers LinkedIn to send a notification to Ryan, telling him that he was mentioned in my update or share. The notification goes to the person’s email Inbox in addition to their LinkedIn Notifications tab.

If you are personally aware of the person’s skills, you may want to endorse them for one or more of their skills.

Connect to Get the Right LinkedIn Profile Views

Send the person a customized invitation to connect. If they accept your request, follow up with a thank-you note, opening the door to a possible next step (meeting, phone call, etc.)

If the person doesn’t connect with you right away, then check your Who’s Viewed Your Profile listing periodically to see if they view your profile sometime down the road. And, if you see that they’ve taken a look at your profile, consider reaching out to them with a new LinkedIn connection request, phone call, email, etc.

If you routinely take these steps, you will consistently receive LinkedIn profile views from the right people. And more LinkedIn profile views by the right people will generate more traditional interactions (phone calls, emails, meetings, etc.) with the right people.

Of course, this will result in improved ROI for your time spent on LinkedIn.


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Power Formula.


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Wayne Breitbarth AuthorAbout the Author: Wayne Breitbarth is the CEO of Power Formula LLC. An experienced businessman, speaker, and author, Wayne shares his passion for social media with 40,000+ business professionals. Through private business consulting and presentations to audiences including Inc. Magazine and also the American Marketing Association, Wayne makes LinkedIn simple. Wayne is the author of the best-selling book The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success. Connect with him on Twitter.



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