Learning Styles Differ: How Do You Learn Best? [Infographic]

Just because you’re out of school and on the job, doesn’t mean you stop learning. In fact, a good career demands just the opposite. As you work your way up the career ladder, you find yourself learning new skills and tasks regularly. So, why does it feel like some things are easier to learn than others? It may not be what you learn, but how you learn it. Learning styles differ. It’s important to know how you learn best.

Learning Styles

People learn best in different ways. For instance, visual learners pick up information more easily if they can see it. Meanwhile, auditory learners retain information more easily when they hear it. When faced with the need to learn a new task or skill for your job, you may want to find out the way you learn best. This infographic from PoundPlace can help. It details the various learning styles and helps you determine where you fit in.

Whether you learn best by what you see, what you hear, or what you experience, you can tailor your effort to grow to your own needs. You can show the boss that you’re a fast learner and are ready to take on new responsibilities.

Life is about learning, now you know how you do it best.


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