Just in Time for Monday: 20 Ways to Create an Energy Boost [Infographic]

Well… crap! It’s Monday again. No matter how much we plan, no matter how hard we try to make it last, the weekend just blows by and here we are again… right back at the beginning of another work week. The truth is, even if you love what you do, sometimes just pulling yourself out of bed when the Monday alarm clock beckons requires a special kind of energy boost.

Find Your Monday Morning Energy Boost

Listen, the work week may seem long. But if you can just find the perfect energy boost to get you started, maybe the week will fly by? Thanks to this infographic from GetVOIP, now you can.

Below you’ll find twenty energy boosting tips perfect for the first day of the week. You can even use them all week long to keep your energy levels high and your performance super-charged. From the dread of Monday morning to the doledrums of Wednesday hump day, these tricks will keep you on your toes. With a little energy boost, the work week won’t seem so long at all.

So hang in there… Five O’Clock Friday is coming.


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