Work Relevant Email: Should I Send This or Not? [Infographic]

When it comes to your job and career, you have to learn the difference between relevant email and what might be considered wasted communication. Even spam.

We learn, fairly early in life, what we can say and what we can’t. After all, you don’t tell jokes at a funeral. But, the ease of modern electronic communication blurs those lines a bit. Sometimes, we have something we just need to say, or just want to share. At those times, the send button on your email client is right there waiting.

The question is: Under the circumstances, is your email appropriate?

Relevant Email at Work

Pictures of cuddly kittens and jokes about politicians may make you smile, but is that relevant email material? If you’re at work, probably not.

It may seem a bit picky to suggest that you could spend your time more productively. But, take into account the time everyone on the receiving end spends opening it. If everyone in the office is sending non-work related emails, the time adds up. Employees and managers end up spending a significant amount of time filtering spam.

Before you hit the send button, take a look at this handy flow chart to determine if your email is relevant or spam. The infographic below helps you evaluate your office communications and determine if you really should send them.

After all, you don’t want to waste your co-worker’s time with less than relevant emails… no matter how cute that puppy is.


relevant email



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