How to Influence Friends and Persuade Employers [Infographic]

How do we influence those around us? It’s true that we can’t control the feelings, or actions of others. But truly successful people are able to nudge things in their favor. When it comes to a job search or your career, sometimes your experience, skills, and education just aren’t enough. You must, at some point, persuade employers to hire you.

The answer lies in the science of persuasion.

Persuade Employers, Through Science

Scientists have been studying the art of persuasion for years. They have looked into the behaviors and actions that influence others to say “yes.” This infographic from explains 6 scientifically valid principles of persuasion and influence. They can help you become a better leader, a more effective team player, and a more convincing salesperson. But before any of that, they can help you persuade employers to hire you.

If you master the methods below and use them during your interview, you just may give yourself an edge. A large part of any interview is selling your skills, your value, and yourself. You want them to buy what your selling. So, if science can help you persuade them, why not give it a shot?

You know you have a lot to offer. So you just need to convince someone to take advantage of your skills… through persuasion.


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