#InternPro Chat: How to Build a Job Search Strategy That Will Get You Hired

job search strategyIt’s time to build a job search strategy to get you hired, quickly.

Last week at #InternPro, we talked about making sure you don’t start your job search before you’re really ready. Now that you know you are, you’re eager, energized, and, dare I say, pumped. So, where do you start? Do you just jump in with both feet and hope your energy and enthusiasm will lead to success? Well, you could. But things might go better if you have plan.

An effective job search strategy can mean the difference between getting hired right away and wandering around unemployed for too long.

You’ve done half the work already. You polished your resume, cleaned up online presence, and optimized your LinkedIn profile. But the perfect job probably won’t just knock on your door. From where to apply, to preparing for interviews, to application and interview follow up, you must have a strategy in place to make sure the best you shines through.

Join us Monday evening, September 25, 2017 at 9:00 PM EDT, as we continue the job search discussion with the next step: developing a job search strategy that will get you hired.

We’ll Begin Our Discussion with the Following Questions…

Q1: Yes, I’m ready to start a job search. But I’m not sure what a “job search strategy” really is. Where do I start?

Q2: How do I target specific companies for my job search? How do I identify companies that might hire someone like me?

Q3: I applied to a great company; I’m a perfect fit. But I’ve heard nothing. Should I follow up? Or just move on?

Q4: I know how to prepare for a job interview, but I seem to fail right at the end. How do I best close an interview?

Q5: After the interview, how do I walk the line of appropriate follow-up and being pushy? Are thank you notes necessary?

Q6: How do I get my personal network involved in my job search? How do I turn passive contacts into active participants?

Q7: I’m still not getting job offers. I need to pivot. How do I figure out how to improve my job search strategy?

Q8: How do job seekers really impress employers? What is your best advice for those that must find a way to stand out?

Everything, especially a job search, goes more smoothly if you have a plan. Stop by on Monday, and we’ll build one together. As always, be sure to bring along any questions or advice of your own.

To win the employment game, you need an effective job search strategy. So join the conversation!



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