How to Write Your Personal Brand Story [Infographic]

A good novel tells the story of the hero’s life. It details the trials and tribulations, the triumphs and failures, of a compelling protagonist. In many ways, your personal brand does the same thing for your career. Developing a strong brand is a lot like crafting a novel. You focus on those elements of your life that make you the hero of your personal brand story.

Tell your story well enough, and recruiters, like readers, will root for you.

Telling Your Personal Brand Story

Telling your personal brand story begins the same way a novel begins… by developing a strong character. In literature, characters tend to fall into several recognizable archetypes. But this isn’t fiction. You can’t just make something up. First, you decide what kind of character you represent. Then, you sell that character by focusing on relevant details.

This infographic from ESWStoryLab presents the 12 most common character types in literature. Your personal brand will either fall neatly into one of these categories, or blend several of them together. Once you’ve determined the kind of character that best represents you, you can use your experience to begin crafting your story.

You are the hero of your own life. Let your personal brand tell your story.


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