Super Career Advice from Your Favorite Superheroes

super career adviceWhat super career advice can we learn from super heroes about our jobs, careers, and more?

It seems as if everywhere we turn today theaters, television and even online streaming services are chalk full of super-powered characters. Capes, laser vision, super speed and spandex, oh my!

While you may be tempted to dismiss these glimpses into extraordinary lives of incredible individuals as fantasy best left to the kiddos, we think the genre may have something to offer career minded folks grounded in the real world, as well.

As it turns out, our favorite super heroes provide quite a bit of solid career advice…

Superman: The Lifelong Idealist

Any discussion of supersized heroes of course should begin with the iconic red-caped, broad-shouldered man of steel. Superman may have been born on the since destroyed exotic planet of Krypton. But his earthly upbringing was as humble as they get. Maybe it was his own good nature. Or perhaps the upbringing afforded by Jonathan and Martha Kent in Smallville, U.S.A. But Superman certainly knows how to give back and find happiness in serving those who have the least.

Sure, he has lightning fast speed, laser vision, super strength and that whole flight thing. But Superman tends to keep things cool in his daily life, preferring the quiet and unassuming alter ego of Clark Kent.

The lesson to be learned from Superman’s story is one familiar to those looking for careers in criminal justice, public service or any other field that gives back to those in need. Regardless of your abilities or upbringing, choose a career that calls to your passions and desires.

Superman’s super career advice: serving others, even if it doesn’t land you in the limelight, can be just as fulfilling as having your name splashed in the papers.

Batman: Do What Your Love and Never Work a Day in Your Life

When everyone lined up and voted in High School for the person most likely to do good by others, the uber-wealthy, consummate playboy Bruce Wayne probably wasn’t at the top of many lists. With an established bank account, courtesy of his deceased parents, resting on his laurels probably looked okay to young Bruce.

Instead of living it up in the lap of luxury, Bruce took that bankroll and a passion for tech and set up shop in the sparse surroundings of an underground cave. With no distractions and a hefty dose of computer software, Bruce Wayne got down to doing what he loved; fighting crime as the Batman. Sure he may be a bit broody with methods that border on questionable. But when Jim Gordon needs help ridding Gotham of the newest villain, everyone knows who you call.

What Bruce Wayne as Batman teaches job seekers is that a passion and calling for your work are bound to make you happier than piles of money. Hard work lets Bruce Wayne play hard too. And with plenty of cool toys to zoom about Gotham on, too. Sure, you may run into a joker or two along the path to fame, fortune, and fulfillment,. But what fun would life be if you took the easy route?

Batman’s super career advice: if you’re lucky enough to land a job that pays well, don’t just sit back on your laurels.

Spiderman: Never Give Up on Your Road to Success

Starting out in the world straight out of high school can be tough. Add in the death of your beloved uncle and getting a dose of superpowers courtesy of a bite from a radioactive spider. And, well, trying to financially support yourself in the big city can be a bit daunting.

Peter Parker aka Spiderman never let any of that stop him. Instead, he pursued financial security while honoring the legacy of good ole Uncle Ben. And he did all that while fighting crime and protecting the innocent.

Speaking of dedication, Peter Parker tried many times to sell his pictures to the Daily Bugle. Through persistence, follow-up and innovative thinking, Peter was finally able to use his negotiating skills to snag a long-term position snapping pics that would end up on the front page. Bonus points for Peter choosing a job that catered to his newfound ability. His ability to scale tall buildings and sling from rooftops to the scene of New York City’s breaking news allowed him to capture the perfect shot.

Spiderman’s super career advice: it’s going to take some hard work and dedication to meet your long-term goals.

The Flash: Make the Best Out of Adversity

While the Flash may not be the most well-known of our super hero job inspirations, his back story is certainly one from which we could all learn a lesson or two. Already a successful forensic scientist, Barry Allen may have had just about the worst timing in history. Not just being jolted by lightning coincidentally after a lab accident, but doused his body in an elaborate chemical concoction. The accident could have killed him. Instead, it graced Barry with super speed.

Out on the job market, potential career seekers can learn much from the Flash’s ability to make lemonade out of a tragic accident. After trial, error, and persistence, mastering the new found skills allowed Barry to perform his day job with more speed. It also allowed him to expand his role into a crime-fighting superhero, replete with cape and cowl. It may not have been immediately obvious how the newly found zoom would benefit the career he was passionate about. But with some trial and error Flash was able to overcome his hurdles.

The Flash’s super career advice: turn a negative accident into some seriously positive outcomes.

Iron Man: A Little Bit of Confidence Goes a Long Way

We’ve all been at that point in our job hunting adventures when nothing seems to be going your way. How you handle when you’re feeling less than awesome can make the difference between getting ahead or staying stagnant. When it comes to superheroes that hold their heads up high, Iron Man certainly has confidence in spades.

Sure, he was a successful businessman before hooking himself up with an internal nuclear reactor. But Tony Stark’s fake it until you make it personality, backed up with a healthy dose of dedication and perseverance, skyrocketed him to personal and crime fighting stardom.

You may not have Iron Man’s bank roll, but approaching the career market with a confident attitude will never serve you wrong.

Ironman’s super career advice: be sure to stay polite and professional. But if you know your stuff, don’t be afraid to share your knowledge and experiences.

This super career advice could make the difference in a close call between candidates. So go on… be a hero!


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