A Brief Glimpse Into the Freelance Mind [Infographic]

Welcome to the gig economy. The realities of the way we do business today often make it more profitable for companies to solve shorter-term problems with project-based, contract work. As a result, opportunities for freelancers have grown significantly. But it takes a certain kind of person to succeed as a freelancer. A quick look into the freelance mind could help you determine if freelance work is right for you.

Understanding the Freelance Mind

What makes a person decide to take on contract work? What are the pros and cons? The answers to these questions will determine whether or not you have it in you. And this infographic from 24 Seven, which provides a glimpse into the freelance mind, can help. Here, you’ll see some of the reasons people choose freelance work. But you’ll also find a few drawbacks to consider as well.

Deciding to join the gig economy is a big step for anyone. After all, the most important part of the word “freelance” is free… free to succeed, or free to fail.

Do you have what takes to enter the gig economy?


freelance mind



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