The Modern Cover Letter: Just as Relevant as Ever [Infographic]

For years, many people in hiring circles have predicted the death of the cover letter. Given the proliferation of online job searches and email communication, they see them as a relic of the good old days. A cover letter, these prognosticators will tell you, serves no purpose when the job board is simply forwarding relevant resumes. However, the truth is that the modern cover letter serves to introduce your passion and desire to join the team.

The Modern Cover Letter

So, what does a modern cover letter look like?

As you’ll see in this infographic from Resume Foundry, it looks a lot like the “good old days” one in that introduces you as a candidate for the position. But today, it can, and should, also target that specific company. It needs to be personalized with respect to the company, how your specific skills would benefit them, and how you would be a good cultural fit. It needs to say, “I’ve done my research and I know I can help you succeed.”

Read on to find some more great advice to make your cover letter stand out.

After all, done right the modern cover letter tells them they need you… as much as you need them.


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