Writing Skills Help Everyone Work Better and Make More Money [Infographic]

Many college students hate the English Comp requirement. What possible good does it provide for a business or STEM major? After, it’s not like they’ll be looking for a job as a writer. In truth, however, developing strong writing skills helps you communicate clearly, professionally, and precisely. And even a well written email can set you apart from others in you field. People with strong writing skills also stand a better chance of getting hired by top tier employers and, in the end, they make more money.

The Importance of Good Writing Skills

You might not necessarily be looking for a job as a writer, but did you know that improving your writing skills can actually help you make more money? If you think that writing skills don’t have an impact on your profession, think again. For the most part, stronger writers stand to earn more than their grammatically challenged counterparts. This infographic from Grammarly suggests why. It’s pretty simple, really; good writers make fewer mistakes.

It is suggested that employers may consider good writers to be more detail oriented, attentive workers. Perhaps those who communicate well and clearly are simply better at their jobs. Whatever the case, the statistics clearly show that even in tech fields, better writers tend to make more money. But don’t worry, it’s not too late. There are the things you can do to improve you writing skills even if you blew off English Comp to eat pizza and play video games. For instance, simply writing and reading more and often goes a long way.

Thanks to this infographic, you now know, if you want maximize your earning potential, the writing is on the wall.


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