#InternPro Chat: How to Find Your Perfect Career (and Avoid Big Career Mistakes)

perfect careerEvery day we make decisions that affect our lives. But some decisions impact our future so dramatically that we consider them life-changing. One of the most important decisions we face: choosing the perfect career.

The funny thing is, thanks to educational requirements, we often have to make that seemingly life-long choice before we turn 18.

Thankfully, career decisions are not etched in stone.

Changing careers or career paths mid-course is not impossible. I know because I’ve been there. I used to be a High School English teacher. Making the decision to leave that career and embark on a new adventure was both difficult and rewarding. Of course, there were ups and downs along the way; a few false starts and wrong turns. After all, everyone makes mistakes… and I made a bundle!

But wouldn’t it be easier to choose the perfect career from the start? And avoid those big career mistakes?

Join us this Monday evening, September 11, 2017 at 9 PM EDT as we get together to discuss how we can be more informed and better prepared in order to make good career choices.

Here Are Some of the Topics We’ll Touch On…

Q1: In your career to date, how often have you changed jobs? Have you made a change to your entire career direction?

Q2: How do I know for certain that the career path I’ve chosen is the right one for me?

Q3: Thoughts? “A lot of money was invested in my degree. Now I’ve learned that wasn’t the right choice. What do I do?”

Q4: What’s the biggest career mistake you’ve made? What advice would you give to someone to avoid making it?

Q5: What are some indications, once you’ve settled in a bit, that a specific job and company is the right fit for you?

Q6: Let’s talk about the flip side: What are some red flags that indicate the job (or company) is not a great fit?

Q7: If the job or culture is not right for you, what should you do? Make the best of it? Or start looking again?

Q8: Since we know career change is inevitable, how can we be best prepare ourselves? Where should our focus be?

Of course, bring y0ur own questions and your best advice to share!

Your future is subject to change, of course. But with a little luck, and little help from the #InternPro community next Monday, you just might avoid making a big career mistake!



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