12 Resume Rules for Today’s Job Seeker [Infographic]

As a job seeker, you probably receive a lot of advice about how to write your resume. And all that advice can become confusing and more than a little overwhelming. After all, your resume makes your first impression for you. So what are the resume rules that absolutely must be followed?

The Resume Rules

In general, the basic resume rules apply to format and structure. You know these rules already. But another set of rules exist that can help you rise above the competition. For instance, your honesty and professionalism can make or break your chances. Also, you want to be sure you tailor each resume to the job you’re applying for. These rules, and more, can found in this helpful infographic from TUN.

Your resume is important, but it shouldn’t cause you a lot of stress. You can make the most of that important document be simply showing who you are.

Follow the resume rules below and your value will shine through.


resume rules



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