Ready to Relocate? The Best American Cities to Find Work [Infographic]

The national job market looks good. Everyone tells you that plenty of good jobs exist for young professionals. So why can’t you find one? After all, you completed your education, did your research, and chose a career path. But no matter how often you peruse the job boards, LinkedIn, and even the Sunday paper, nothing comes of it. It might be time to broaden your search and prepare to go where the work is. You may need to relocate.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Relocate

The good news: in today’s digital economy, it is easier to find jobs in a new city than ever before. Online applications, video interviews, and instant communication can help you secure a job before ever leaving home.

But where would you go? This infographic from Hansen and Company provides you with a list of the top cities in the United States for job seekers. Based on a study of the 150 most populous cities in the United states, and by comparing 17 metrics ranging from job markets to socioeconomic environment, this data is sure to help you decide if relocation is the right move for you.

It may be time to spread your wings.! Yes, you can build a new life for yourself wherever you go. And thanks to technology, that new home is just a video chat away. The life you want… the life you’ve worked hard for… could be somewhere over the horizon.

…or you could settle for working in your Dad’s hardware store.


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