#InternPro Chat: How to Strengthen Your Career Muscle without Breaking a Sweat

career muscleAdulting is hard! It takes a great deal of stamina to pursue your dreams. No matter how thoroughly you plan your career path, you still have to walk the walk. Sure, you can read all the career advice available on the internet. But preparing for the long haul takes persaverance and strength… which means you must start flexing your career muscle now.

Getting stronger while you learn your craft may seem like a daunting task. But there are specific strengths you take right now to help build up your career muscle.

Join us this Monday evening, August 28th, at 9 PM EDT to discuss a broad array of topics sure to help you plan your training regimen.

We’ll take a look at several ways to build up your career stamina and strengthen your future.

Here’s What We’ll Be Discussing:

Q1: In your career, how often have you felt you were not making enough progress fast enough? How did you remedy that?

Q2: When it comes to flexing our career muscles, where’s the biggest bang for the buck? Where should we invest most?

Q3: They say learning should never stop. Formally or informally, what have you done to continue your education?

Q4: Networking is currently the best way to get a job. But I’m way behind on building my network. How do I get started?

Q5:What social and digital media tools have you used to advance your job search or career? Which are your favorites? 

Q6: I’m hearing about the importance of mentors. How do I ask someone to be a mentor? Does it need to be a formal thing?

Q7: I want to make moves but I’m not sure where to start.How do I show my boss I’m ready for more responsibility?

Q8: Share with us your Number One career hack: How do you flex your career muscle without breaking a sweat?

It’s never too early to start training for the rat race. So, join us Monday night as we hit the career gym!

Bring a few questions or ideas of your own to discuss as we train for the future. You might want also want to bring a water bottle and a towel. We’ll try not to break a sweat, but you never know.



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