Toxic Employees: How They Can Ruin Your Workplace Atmosphere [Infographic]

We’ve all known them… annoying colleagues that are either out to ruin your day, or the work you do. These people lurk around, spreading their infectious toxins everywhere they go. They put a serious strain on morale and the overall company culture. Not only are they demoralizing and infuriating, toxic employees can bring teamwork to a grinding halt, jeopardize your goals, and potentially ruin your workplace atmosphere.

Recognizing Truly Toxic Employees

So, how do tell the difference between a toxic employee and someone just having a bad day? More importantly, what can you do about them when you find them?

The answers can be found in this infographic from Fierce. Here, you ‘ll learn how to recognize when a colleague is poisoning your work environment. Just as important to your day-in-day-out happiness, you’ll also learn how often you might encounter them and how to handle them.

You spend almost a third of your life at work. It shouldn’t have to be a stressful atmosphere just because someone doesn’t play well with others.


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