Interview Essentials: What You Need to Bring to Every Job Interview [Infographic]

Did you ever, when leaving the house, get the feeling you’ve forgotten something? And even though you can’t think of what it might be, you just know you’re going to need it? Forgetting to pack your underwear for vacation is one thing. If you forget to take something important to a job interview, however, it could cost you a job offer. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you need a checklist of modern interview essentials!

The Job Interview Essentials

No matter how much you prepare, something always slips through cracks. So today, we present his checklist of job interview essentials from The basics like a pen and paper, copies of your resume and business cards are in here. But so are items we hadn’t even thought of like a small mirror to make sure nothing is in your teeth or you missed a spot shaving. And a cheat sheet of important talking points so you don’t get off track when nerves strike.

Sure, you may think you’ve already thought of everything you need to for your next job interview. With this list, though, you can be sure of it!

After all, when your career is on the line… do you really want to be standing there thinking, “I know I forgot something…”?


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