No Experience Required! 11 Jobs You Can Get Right Now

no experienceThe concept of “experience” in job-searching can feel like a catch-22: you can’t get a job with no experience, but you can’t get experience without getting a job. How’s a person to get food on the table!?!

Then again, there are some entry-level positions that require little to no experience. Job search platform Glassdoor created a list of positions based on “no experience required” job searches on the site and included data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The positions involve a lot of assistants, from legal to veterinary, and while they don’t pay particularly well, they could be a great way to break into an industry if you’re having trouble nailing down that elusive “experience.”

Check out the list below, and for more information, read Glassdoor’s full report here.

11 Jobs that Require Little or No Experience

11. Medical Biller

Average salary: $30,480

10. Legal Assistant

Average salary: $38,806

9. Customer Care Specialist

Average salary: $30,480

8. Veterinary Assistant

Average salary: $25,000

7. Administrative Assistant

Average Salary: $33,020

6. Medical Assistant

Average salary: $28,880

5. Sales Account Representative

Average salary: $33,060

4. Real Estate Agent

Average salary: $48,883

3. Publicity Assistant or Public Relations Assistant

Average salary: $32,980

2. Home Care Aid or Home Health Aid

Average salary: $20,520

1. Customer Service Representative

Average salary: $21,080

No Experience Required!

The jobs listed above may not be the best jobs you can imagine. But remember, you just need a place to start. Even if the job isn’t in your field, you will gain valuable work and life experience that will make you more attractive to employers. So if you’re stuck in a rut without the experience to find your way out, consider these jobs. In many cases, there’s no experience required.

Who knows? You just might find yourself moving forward and gaining the experience you need.


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