Facebook Jobs: Is This New Feature Really Worth Your Time?

facebook jobs sectionEarly this year, Facebook quietly rolled out a new jobs section to help connect its 1.9 billion users with the 70 million businesses that are on the platform. Businesses can now post available jobs in the Facebook jobs section as simply as sharing an update or new product with their followers.

If Facebook has been distracting you from your online job search anyway, it might be time to add it to the mix alongside standards like Indeed and Glassdoor or the new Google for Jobs.

Where to Find Jobs on Facebook

“Jobs on Facebook” hasn’t been highly publicized and isn’t something most users will notice unless they’re looking for it. On the left sidebar under the Explore heading, click “See More…” then scroll down until you find Jobs. The pages in this list vary for each user, but it should be towards the bottom.

You can also navigate directly to the Facebook jobs section: www.facebook.com/jobs

Once you find it, the Facebook jobs section offers up a variety of listings in your area. The left sidebar gives you the option to search for keywords or filter by industry and job type.

Prepare Your Facebook Resume

The first step to applying for a job through Facebook is updating your work and education history on your profile About section. Because Facebook is not known as a job search or professional site for most users, it’s likely that your listed work history has gaps or lacks detail.

Add your complete work and education history and fill out the job details and skills sections using resume writing best practices.

Create a Professional Facebook Profile

Potential employers and hiring managers are likely to look you up on major social media platforms regardless of how you apply, but making sure your Facebook profile is representative of you as a candidate is especially important when applying directly through Facebook.

Choose a professional profile photo and hide questionable content from public view. Make sure the job details in your work history are filled out with relevant information that is tailored to the types of jobs you’ll be applying for. These job descriptions will not be part of your Facebook application, but can be seen when the hiring manager inevitably checks out your profile.

To see what hiring managers and other members of the public see, go to your profile and select “View As” near the top.

Apply for a Job on Facebook

Back at Jobs on Facebook, use the search and filters to find a job you’re interested in, then click “Apply Now.” This will take you to the full job posting. If everything looks good, click “Apply Now” again. This opens a window that allows you to update your contact information. Then answer any prompts created by the company, and review your work history.

Click “send” when you finish polishing your application. The business will receive your contact details, The answers to their prompts, and your work and education history.

Pros and Cons of the Facebook Jobs Section

Job search function

  • Pro: Jobs posted by the brands and companies you already follow will show up in your newsfeed. You can subscribe to Jobs on Facebook to receive notifications when new jobs are available.
  • Con: Search does not return the most relevant results compared to other platforms. It’s unclear whether this has to do with inferior search algorithms or a lack of job listings.

Number of job listings

  • Con: Relatively few companies are utilizing it. Not many jobs listed, especially in non-metropolitan areas.
  • Pro: Because most people don’t use it yet, job seekers face less competition. Listing a job is currently free for companies so there is potential for it to gain popularity.
  • Seems to be gaining some traction for service industry and blue collar jobs. But few creative, corporate, or white collar jobs listed.

The application process

  • Pro: The application is quick and easy. It opens up a direct line of communication with the company via Messenger.
  • Con: Hiding posts and photos that could hurt you, could be a headache for some users.

The Facebook Jobs Section won’t be challenging Indeed or Google anytime soon and LinkedIn is still the most crucial social media site for your job search, but vigilant job hunters explore every avenue. Your job search routine shouldn’t change to accommodate Facebook. But it won’t hurt to give it a look every so often. You might just see something you like.

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