What the Employer Sees When You Click Apply on LinkedIn [Infographic]

Technology has changed the way we apply for jobs. Employers no longer put a sign in the window. They no longer put an ad in the classifieds and collect paper applications. Today, we apply for jobs online. No matter how we submit our resume today, technology has become central to the application process. But in each of those scenarios you have full control over what the employer sees when you click apply.

Enter LinkedIn.

What Happens When You Click Apply on LinkedIn?

When you complete a LinkedIn profile and use the job search features, your profile becomes your resume and application. When a posting interests you, simply click apply and let the automated process go to work.

But what does the employer actually see?  What parts of your profile are included in the application? In other words, what do need to prioritize to ensure potential employers know who you are as a candidate?

This infographic from GreatResumesFast provides insider information on exactly what LinkedIn sends to employers when you click the “apply” button. As you’ll see, employers first receive a snapshot that includes your contact information, relevant skills,  experience, and education. This helps employers sift through large applicant pools to select the best applicants quickly. Make a bad first impression, and your resume ends up in the digital trash bin.

Ah, but if the employer is interested? The snapshot also includes a link to your full application. That includes mutual connections, endorsements, and other aspects of your profile. One pro tip we love in the infographic: submit a copy of your resume along with your application. LinkedIn sends it as attachment to the snapshot, making it easy for the employer to view.

Now that you know what employers see when you click apply, maximize your LinkedIn profile. Then win the interview!


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