#InternPro Chat: Protecting Your Personal Brand: The Dark Side of Social

personal brandHow can your activity, online or off, impact your personal brand?

Recent events in Charlottesville have left many of us searching for adjectives to describe how we feel. Appalled, disgusted, and saddened seem to top the list. In the days that followed, we searched for answers and for actions that might ease our heavy hearts. For some, that action turned into a social media campaign designed to identify and hold accountable individual members of the hate groups.

As a result, several people were featured prominently in media coverage of the incident, perhaps rightly so. Many of them, in short order, found themselves disowned by their families, vilified by their communities, and fired from their jobs.

Of course, this raises the question:  How can our actions, both on and off social media, impact our careers and lives?

To explore this topic further, we’ll get the #InternPro community together on Monday evening, August 21st at 9pm EDT.

Here Are the Questions We’ll Be Asking…

Q1: Social media is a great tool for most of us, but not all. What’s been your experience? Have you seen the dark side?

Q2: When you first heard about a person being fired because of something posted on social media, what was your reaction?

Q3: Over the last ten years, what has changed? Why do employers now care so much about your online presence?

Q4: So I see something bad before anyone else does, how do I monitor my online reputation? Where do I start?

Q5: An old friend is reliving our college days and posting less-than flattering pics of me online. What can I do about that?

Q6: Too late! My personal brand has been severely damaged by a post online. What can I do to recover?

Q7: I want to build and protect my personal brand online. I also want to protect my privacy. How do I find a good balance?

Q8: The dark side of social media is real. When it comes to protecting our personal brands, what is your best advice?

Join us on Monday for this important discussion!

And be sure to bring along your own questions and concerns. We’ll do our best to help you answer them. Along the way, we’ll help you learn how to make sure you avoid the dark side of social media.



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